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Destiny to Skylands
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Travis's Soda Drinking Hat
Jack: Travis!!
Travis: Hey Jack what's up?
Jack: Listen I didn't want to say this in front of Aaron or Mileena but that hat makes you look like a girl.
Travis: Am I a pretty girl? uvu
Jack: Errr.... You're beautiful.
Travis: 😂
Jack: Ok now give me the hat back.
Travis: But Jack you said it yourself! I was born to wear this hat. I don't want to give it back. Not after all we've been through.
Travis: Thanks Jack! I'll call you "Hatty".
Travis: And that's when you showed up.
Jack: Oh forget it. And you're not beautiful either!
Travis: I'm not? QnQ
:iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 3 2
Mileena vs. The Wasp Queen
Mileena and Stacy were on this mission to recover the stolen crystal and return it to the Dragon Kingdom. They succeed but Stacy is brainwashed by the Wasp Queen which led Mileena to have no choice but to defeat her own sister. She did so and it really broke Mileena's heart to hurt her own sister. But she had no choice. Stacy is now unconscious and has yet to fully recover from the injury. Mileena had promised to avenge Stacy.
Mileena starts the teleported that leads directly to the Wasp Queen's castle.
Fynn: Mileena! What are you doing?!
Mileena: I'm going to face the Wasp Queen. I'm going to make her regret what she did to Stacy.
Fynn: You can't go! It's too dangerous!
Mileena: I know. But sometimes we all have to stand up to danger.
She heads through the teleporter and makes her way to her final destination. The Wasp Queen is already on the verge of destroying the world and all of its inhabitants. Mileena makes her way to the top of the castle and faces the Wasp Queen
:iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 4 4
Mileena Reference :iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 7 13
Mileena and Stacy ~ What Sisters are For
Mileena and Stacy are at the Dragon kingdom at midnight. Mileena checks on Stacy and sees her sitting there all silent. Mileena walks to her.
Mileena: Stacy? Are you feeling ok?
Stacy: No...
Mileena: Why? *sits down next to her* What's wrong Stacy?
Stacy: I miss the city... and I miss the house.
Mileena: Oh... you're just feeling homesick?
Stacy: *nods yes* I don't like it here... *tears start coming out* It's scary. I'm not cut out for any of this. I thought I was ready but I'm not. *is crying*
Mileena: Aw Stacy don't be sad... Come here...
She hugs Stacy softly to comfort her.
Mileena: Shhh... don't cry... *strokes her hair* It's ok... I'm here...
Stacy calms down a little.
Mileena: I know you're scared. And I'm scared too. But sometimes we just need to stand up to our fears.
Stacy: What if I can't face anything?
Mileena: Stacy look at me. Don't ever doubt yourself. You are a very sweet girl and I know you're capable of many great things.
Stacy: Do you really think so?
Mileena: Of co
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Spyro Return of the Dragon Official ~ Spyro (WIP) :iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 12 4
Mileena's Memories
Here's another story.
Travis the Dragon and his friend Mileena the Cat are in the basement looking through old boxes.
Travis: Hey Mileena look! Here's a picture of us when we first met.
Mileena: Hehe ^^ We were both so cute! ^^ *sighs* The good old days.
Travis: I know, right?
Mileena looked through more boxes to see if she could find more memories. But then she saw a picture of her parents. She picked up the picture and studies her parents that are in it.
Travis: Is everything ok Mileena?
Mileena: This is a picture of my parents...
Travis: Your parents?
Being curious he looks at the picture of Mileena's parents with her.
Mileena: My parents used to be fighters before me. They didn't want me and Stacy to be hurt. So they sacrificed themselves to save us. Ever since then I vowed to protect Stacy. And every day I thought about my parents...
Travis: Oh my... You miss them, don't you?
Mileena nodded and some tears came out.
Travis: Hey... don't be sad... It's going to be ok. Your parents a
:iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 3 7
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Guys... I'm going through tough times. Someone is mad at me because I've been ignoring people on Google+. But I didn't mean to ignore them. I'm always busy with animations and art and I don't have time to talk to many people.

Well you know what... fine. I've always been a big dumb jerk and I deserve to be treated like junk. I don't deserve anyone's respect...

I'm going to bed.I am Going Through Going through tough times... by SpongeDragon15


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Travis the Dragon
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hey everyone! SpongeDragon15 here! But I am mostly known as Travis the Dragon on my YouTube page:…
I'm a 17 year old boy who likes to play video games, use the internet, and draw pictures. And I'm a huge Spyro fan for life! I'm a junior (11th Grader) in my high school.

Stay cool!

:iconchildishplz1::iconchildishplz2: Spyro Fan STAMP by shadowhatesomochao .:Freedom Planet:. Sash Lilac by Wildfor-Life Academy Spyro Stamp by sapphire3690

Close friends: :iconcraftymaelyss::iconscyrina::iconhazi0005::iconmarioandsonicfan174::iconshelbi-cat::iconcuteytcat::iconzonicthedgehog::iconcutixemma::iconsapphire3690::iconaaronkasarion::iconshirathelionhog2::iconjack-hedgehog::iconfloravola:

Senpais: :icondawnmbennettva::iconthat-spyro-guy:

My bros 4 life X3: :iconaaronkasarion::iconjack-hedgehog:

Girlfriend: :iconmarioandsonicfan174:

I am a huge fan of
Legend Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro

And my favorite video game is
Legend of Spyro: DOTD Stamp by Iklow

Favorite Shippings:

SpyroXCynder (Spynder)
SonicXLilac (Sonilac)



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Make more SonicXLilac and SpyroXCinder art. Because often it takes some visual aid to get a point across to people.
SpongeDragon15 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Well I'm not saying I "ship" Spyro and Lilac. My fans actually are.
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